Late last year, an insurance website named QuoteWizard, published a list titled "The Best and Worst Drivers by State 2022." Idahoans should be a little embarrassed by where we ended up. 

This list wasn't based on opinion. It was based on straight data that QuoteWizard collected for each state in America. They tallied factors like accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations. The states with the highest rates of incidents were named the "worst drivers in America."

Idaho Transportation Department
Idaho Transportation Department

When all the numbers were curnched, Idaho ranked as the 11th worst state. Our performance was largely driven by the number of DUIs recorded in Idaho, but we know what the anti-growth faction is going to claim.

"It's all the Californians fault!"

Maybe. Maybe not. We're not here to speculate, but we will point out that 100% of the 40,775 drivers that swapped a California drivers license for an Idaho one from 2020-2021 had to pass the Idaho Driver's Test. We're not trying to defend them, but Idaho's driving laws are pretty fresh in their minds.

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If you took the test decades ago when you reached the legal driving age in Idaho, can you say the same? Again, we're sure some of you will say yes but there's a chance that the verbiage of some of the laws and rules of the road may have been updated since you took the test.

So we'll ask you...if you had to take the test TODAY, do you think you could pass? This is your shot to find out. We randomly selected 40 questions off the official ITD practice test. See how many YOU can get correct without looking up the answers. Remember, to pass you can only miss SIX! 

Now might be a good time to brush up on this considering lawmakers are currently considering allowing kids to skip traditional driver's ed in favor of doing training with a qualifying parent or legal guardian. YOU don't want to be the reason they fail their driver's test on their 16th birthday. Trust us. They'll never forgive you.

Are You Smart Enough to Pass the Idaho Driver's Test If You Had to Take It Today?

New Idahoans have 90 days to apply for their Idaho driver's license after moving here. To pass? You have to get 34/40 questions correctly! Are you up for the challenge?

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