There wasn't an open parking spot in sight at Owyhee High School on Tuesday night and snow had nothing to do with it. Cars from every direction piled into the, frankly, overfilled lot on the corner of Ustick and Owyhee Storm Avenue.

It was for 'The Battle Of The Bolt' -- a second year rivalry tradition between Owyhee and Eagle High Schools where spirit, cheer, dance, and a basketball game decided who would be taking 'The Bolt' home that night.

Never have we ever heard a high school gym so loud--students were screaming and cheering the entire time at the top of their lungs and no noise makers were allowed.

Here's a quick look at what you may have missed out on last night, if you weren't at Owyhee High School:

Idaho's Largest & Loudest Student Section

It's fair to say that Owyhee High School has spirit unlink any other school in the State of Idaho!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

These pictures just don't do the student sections justice! 

Of course, Eagle High School was the visitor so they didn't get 'prime real estate' when it came to their student section--but they were loud and proud for sure upstairs at Owyhee's gym.

Here's a video of the moment that Owyhee High School's Athletic Director announced the winner of the 'Battle Of The Bolt' -- it was electric!

  Watching the crowd go crazy was infectious-- it was really awesome to see so many local students having 
so much funcatch up


No matter who you were rooting for last night--or who you root for in general--the turnout from both Eagle High School and Owyhee High School was insane and we're glad to see so many supportive and engaged students right here in our community!

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