You never know what treasures await you on Boise's Craigslist. Today is no exception. In one of the more incredible days of finds in recent weeks, Boise's favorite online swap meet had plenty of weird things to comb through.

I found three themes in this group of Craigslist gems:

  1. Why Is This Here
  2. No Wonder Our Kids Are Messed Up
  3. Adults Only

In the first section, I found myself shaking my head, wondering why someone bought these things in the first place and, secondly, why anyone would want them now. We have a set of Hip Funko pops, broken auto parts, and a collection of three headless statues.


The second group will help you understand why our kids act the way they act. From drugs, gambling, and disrespect for the police, Treasure Valley kids seem to be getting quite the education at an early age.

The third group is for mature audiences only. We have an X-Rated poster of a former TV star selling expensive vodka and the opportunity to make a fortune selling toys—the adult kind.

While I always find interesting things on Boise's Craigslist, I don't remember the items being quite this bold. It was a genuinely jaw-dropping time that ended with thoroughly cleaning my computer screen and keyboard in case anything rubbed off. Below are the best or the worst items I could find, so you don't have to. However, if any of these things catch your eye, tap the picture to go directly to the Craigslist ad to purchase.

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