Growing up, many of us either had this Little Tikes Country Cottage or played at a friend’s house who did. Little did we know that it would become one of the most common Boise Real Estate memes 30 years later. 

YouTube/windy0313 + Canva
YouTube/windy0313 + Canva

You’ve seen this little cottage photoshopped into fake Boise real estate listings saying “New Listing Coming Soon! Listing Price: $600,000.” When you see them you don’t know how to react. Should you be filled with nostalgia? Should you chuckle a little bit because that seems about right for Boise’s ridiculous housing market? Should you be outraged because the memes are a little too true?

Don Wixom/Re/Max Executives - Nampa
Don Wixom/Re/Max Executives - Nampa

All of those are proper reactions and unfortunately, even with the market cooling down a little, those jokes hit a little too close to home. According to, the median listing price in Boise right now is $544,000. They also say that the median listing home price per square foot is $302. 

Well, these homes for sale in Boise and its surrounding communities have a price per square foot much higher than that! It’s because while the homes are small, the asking prices are not! Every single one of these measures 750 square feet or less. Could you be happy living somewhere so small for the price per square foot you’re paying? 

Look around these 10 small homes on the market right now and then tell us what you think! 

BTW, one follower suggested comparing Boise's average price per square foot to the average price per square foot in Salt Lake City, Portland, and Seattle. We're happy to do that for you. As previously stated has Boise's listed at $302/square foot. Salt Lake City is $312/square foot. Portland is $319/per square foot. Seattle is $582/per square foot.

Look Inside 10 Amazingly Small Homes for Sale in the Boise Area

The homes may be small, but the asking prices are not!

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