Nobody wins when the family feuds—at least that's what the 24 year-old man who claims he's JAY-Z's son says.

According to The Sun, Rymir Satterthwaite says that Jay is his father and is taking his paternity case to trial in a Philadelphia court in December. This most recent lawsuit claims that an attorney Satterthwaite previously hired was “best friends and neighbors” with Jay’s lawyer, and that they worked together to have the case thrown out.

Satterthwaite's mother, Wanda, came forward with the claim that Jay fathered her son and said that she'd been battling JAY-Z in court for years. She also claimed that she was “disrespected” by his legal team. Back in 2011, Jay denied paternity through his lawyers, saying he wasn't "an interested party with respect to the custody of Rymir Satterthwaite" and adding, "there has been no determination or viable claim of a familial relationship with Mr Carter.”

JAY-Z recently passed Diddy on Forbes' richest rappers list, with an estimated net-worth of $900 million. However, Rymir says his desire for Jay to take a paternity case it isn't about the money, he just wants to know who his father is once and for all.

“This never about money for me,” Rymir told The Sun. “My whole thing was just to see who my father was and honestly I get my own money. I work two jobs, I take care of my own business.”

Jay's team didn't comment to The Sun about the story, and Jay has never publicly spoken about the case.


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