Live for 175 is going full force at The Village At Meridian. Thousands are expected to join us "Cycle to break the Cycle" this week and help raise awareness for this child abuse prevention campaign. One thing that always sticks out to me during Live for 175 week is the people. We get to see the entire spectrum of people who come down to ride and take part in the event. Every individual that rides has a reason; every person has a story. It puts life in perspective and every year cements the fact that events like this need to happen in our community.

One workforce community in the Treasure needs no reminder that child abuse is a real problem in our city is the Health Care community. So tomorrow (Sunday the 15th) is Health Care Cycle Day. People who work in the healthcare community are welcome to come down and help Cycle to Break The Cycle. Allot of these professionals see first hand the effects of child abuse in our community.

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