As Boise continues to grow, the doors open up for new ideas, new art, and new culture to take place, and hopefully be embraced. Let's be real, the Treasure Valley has never been known for having much of a hip-hop scene. That's not to say it doesn't exist, there are a lot of talented MC's, DJ's, and dancers that live right here in the 208. And with the announcement of artist such as J Cole, G Eazy, and Lil Uzi Vert, Logic, NF and Kyle, our city seems to be growing into a must hit city for hip-hop artist passing through the Pacific Northwest.

If you want to learn or even experience some of the hip-hop culture Boise has to offer then you must check out the Hip-Hop Workshop with Ross Films. It takes place at The Jump Center Saturday, June 30th. The event is described as an open level hip-hop dance class that purpose is to encourage, teach, and build confidence while learning something new and fun. The class will feature freestyle performances that are open to the public.

208.Rossfilms is producing the event and says the reason for this workshop is that they personally love hip-hop dance. There's a wide-open window for it in Boise to benefit from the culture.

Hey, you can't deny that. Hip-hop is so much more than what the average person might perceive. It's beautiful, from the dance to the art to the lyricist and it's everywhere, without you even knowing it. I feel Boise could extremely benefit from more events like this.

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