One of the first things I learned about Boise when I was moving here was that we're the home of the most famous french fries in the world, McDonald's french fries!

The famous deal was made based on a handshake between JR Simplot and McDonald's CEO Ray Kroc. That handshake set the JR Simplot Company up to be the first potato grower to supply the "golden arches" with frozen french fries.

To celebrate the deal and National French Fry Day, Simplot invites the entire Treasure Valley out to Celebration Circle, the round outdoor area between Simplot's new headquarters on Front Street and JUMP for FREE french fries! They'll be serving up the fries Thursday, July 13th from 4-7 p.m as a way to celebrate the holiday and thank the Treasure Valley for its patience during construction of JUMP and Simplot headquarters.

How are they going to serve the entire Treasure Valley in just a few hours?  They'll be using the giant fryer that debuted last winter at the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Using 340 gallons of oil, the fryer can crank out 2,000 pounds of fries per hour.


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