Good news, Beliebers, Directioners and Sheerios! Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran are three of the male pop stars who made Grantland's 20 Least Embarrassing Male Stars. And yes, that is kind of awesome.

Here's the deal: The male celebs on this list — including Jason Derulo, Sam Smith and Kanye West (who had a pretty shocking ranking, if you ask us) — were given six different levels of points, and the highest score they could get would be a perfect 30/30, which went to the least embarrassing male celeb of all. The point system was divided into six categories ("touched-by-god genius," "ubiquitous cultural footprint," "can you change your sound and persona every two-to-three years?" "pop star as politician," "rags to riches story," and "can you make drunken buffoonery appear poetic?") and the artist could earn up to five points in each category.

Stars like Jason Derulo and Adam Levine merely made the "boys" level, with Jason earning just 5.5 points out of 30, while Adam scored an 8. Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith were both classified as "dudes," with 9 points. Harry Styles was also in this category, earning a 9.5 out of 30.

Justin Bieber made it all the way up to the "dudes" category (just a step below men), thanks in part to him owning up to his past mistakes in the Comedy Central Roast seen around the world.

As for the men, and the least embarrassing male celeb of all, well, we're shockingly looking at Mr. Kanye West in the No. 1 spot. Yes, believe it or not, Yeezy scored a perfect five points in every category, which may not be that surprising considering he does tick off every single one of those boxes. Kanye West, least embarrassing male pop star? Who would've thought?

Head on over to Grantland for the complete ranking of the 20 Least Embarrassing Male Artists.

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