I hear it all of the time when I'm out--especially on the weekends: "why don't you support local artists at KISS FM?"

More times than not, the person is asking me because THEY have a song they want to hear on the radio.  I have a pretty strong opinion on this--but nobody needs to hear MY music theory. The basic answer is this: a LOT goes into what we play on 103.5 KISS FM and being "local" isn't enough of a reason to feed music consumption to a HUGE listening audience that comes to us for the BIGGEST hits. In fact, I really believe that introducing a song as a "local single" implies that it isn't as good as the rest of the songs. One example I have always recalled surrounds Chance The Rapper-- Chicago radio wasn't playing that guy until he BLEW UP and once he did, they were the first to welcome him home and brag about their Chicago pride. With the music industry, radio just comes last. Make your music, HUSTLE, land a record deal, and make sure you're checking ALL of your boxes....radio will follow. Oh, and NO we aren't collecting some "air play checks" for playing Post Malone among other major hits, as so frequently accused by those who want their songs on the radio.

I have to brag about a local artist here in the Treasure Valley because he won't brag about himself--and by the way, he's "checking all of the boxes" when it comes to his music production and his hustle. This artist is cranking out music, positive vibes, and marketing himself in the best way possible-- by just being himself.

Cornell Johnson goes by 'Zero' when he's on the stage and under the spotlight. I look forward to cracking the mic in the KISS FM studio to introduce one of his songs soon. This guy has the chops and I know it will happen. In fact, last summer he preformed on our 103.5 KISS FM stage at Boise Music Festival and he ROCKED the crowd as we prepared to bring Pitbull on stage.

If you've ever been out to Karma Nightclub or you've been to a Hip Hop show in town, odds are you've seen Zero on a microphone. Zero's work is his noise-- there's no ego--and he makes everyone around him feel like they're a star. I've been blessed with the chance to work with him downtown Boise on Saturday's and it's literally always a blast. These are the types of artists that you really find yourself rooting for and he sets the bar HIGH among his peers.

This Saturday at Karma Nightclub, you can check out Zero's new album at his release party and I fully encourage you to do so and support a worthy local artist. The party kicks off at 7:00 p.m. and it's just $5 at the door.

It's NEVER "me, me, me" with Zero, so I hope if you love the local music scene or if you want to check it out for the first time, you'll come out and support the event on Saturday. This is a guy that deserves the support.

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