I can't say enough about these photos taken by family friend, Todd Meier. We're so lucky and fortunate to be surrounded by so much love that day, and hopefully, these pictures capture that moment. Enjoy!

I still have more to post, but we finally got these downloaded for you to see. Todd Meier, did a fantastic job, and we never thought we'd see pictures like this to remember such a special day. How do you put a price on something so timeless?

Krista Sagers from Oakley coordinated a beautiful display from things she has in a garage out back. No, seriously. Well, this is what she does for a living, but I've seen it and wouldn't know where to start. Krista orchestrated that with her entire family, and it was just beautiful as you can see.

You might see a few photos from a pretty big star in the eyes of the Treasure Valley, Maggie O'Mara. Maggie has been a longtime supporter of our efforts against child abuse in the Treasure Valley, and we've teamed up on several occasions to give back. She was just weeks away from giving birth but made the decision to be a part of our wedding. Luckily, her water DIDN'T BREAK!

So much more thanks to shout out. Let's get to these pictures first.

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