Live for 175 is back and that means thousands of photos, videos, and stories for social media.

Please drop by and cycle with us to power the very important message, "It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child." You don't need to be a professional cyclist to pedal a few minutes or just roll through to say high.

I love taking pictures during this event because I keep a memory of kindness. The people in these photos are victims, survivors, thrivers, and sometimes just amazing support. This is 💙If you're going through something or struggling with abuse - this is your place. You won't be judged. Everyone understands because we all live with our own story. What's your story? What's in your message?

Check out my gallery from day one. I got to cycle with some of these people, cry with them, and laugh with them. These are the people that make living in the Idaho worth every minute of it!

Looking for a time to cycle? Get your details here.

Live for 175 - Cycle to Break The Cycle 2018

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