Has something happened to you that is so great that you want to tell anyone who will listen? Tell us! We will feature your story like this one about McKenzie's neighbors who, despite how busy they are, take care of her lawn without asking for any recognition. 

This message was sent by McKenzie who would love to highlight her neighbors who make it seem like they have more hours and energy in life than any other human being. Kindness must allot more hours for those who give of their time.

My neighbor, Brian, and  his Wife, Bethani, are the most kind-hearted people that I have ever met. Brian works full-time, they have a child, and Bethani goes to school full-time. They also are active parts of our community and committed members of their church, in which they serve multiple times per week. Brian also has coached his sons basketball recently. They do this all the while dealing with severe health issues from a past organ transplant. My husband works many crazy hours and I am at home with our two daughters and am in nursing school. Long story short, we often get behind on yard work and have a strict HOA. Brian, as busy as he is, will still go out of his way to mow our yard on top of his own if he gets to it before we do. It is such a blessing. They deserved this money and more. They are two of the best people you will EVER meet.

Maybe you can slip a couple of Life is Good scratch tickets and maybe you can share some sort of jackpot should you win.

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