Random acts of kindness will not only make you feel amazing but it also attracts all the good into your life. There's too much negative right now to sit and do nothing. If you see it or if you do it, let us hear about it. You'll be rewarded. 


In honor of spreading good and celebrating optimism, we have partnered with the Idaho Lottery to hear your positive stories. Has someone done something amazing for you? Have you gone out of your way for someone else? What sort of good do you want to share? We want to hear about it.

My 'KISS of Kindness' story of someone who has done some good in my life recently:

I wasn't able to go to a show I really really wanted to see and a friend of mine sent me moments throughout the entire show through Snapchat. Yep, this is definitely someone I would submit a story about. Shout out to Shannon.


On Wednesday mornings, Cruise and Box will choose a story and celebrate all that is positive and spread the good.

Goodness is rewarded. The winning submissions will receive the newest Life is Good $5 scratch ticket with a top prize of $50,000. Take a minute, look around - there's good everywhere. Tell us about it now and be featured as early as this week.


Week 1 Winner: Amy K. from Meridian with a story about her 10 year old twin boys who handed out water bottles with one dollar attached. They were on a mission for the recipient to follow it up with something else. Read their story HERE.

Week 2 Winner: McKenzie is so busy that things at home are falling behind. Instead of the HOA fining her for lack of upkeep, her neighbors swoop in and mow her lawn and take care of her property. Read the story HERE.

Week 3 Winner: Cheynoah tried to create an experience for her son but the weather was hot, she was struggling to make it all work - but then her little boy found a neighbor who knew just what to do. Read the story HERE.

The Idaho Lottery is sponsoring both this event as well as this post.

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