So...what's that smell in Kuna?

I'm going to say this as respectfully as possible so DON'T be getting mad at me, but...hasn't Kuna always kind of had a smell?  Apparently, it's extra bad these days.

Growing up in Nampa and having gone to school at Bishop Kelly, Kuna High (and even Kuna Middle when I was really young) was always a rival team in football and track (the two sports I played).  I also remember well--that smell you would experience pulling up to the sports facilities (both were outdoors) and wondering...WHAT is that smell?  I do recall a bunch of cows being nearby, so that must has been what it was all those years.  As for now? The city is saying the smell is out of control.

After several complaints within the city, the mystery smell has been identified according to Idaho's News Channel 7. A treatment center for contaminated soil and water has one pond that is the source of the smell and the company, L & R Environmental is working to get it handled. The high temperatures certainly aren't helping.

Hang in there, Kuna...that smell should be gone soon!

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