I make no secret how much Kvell Fitness & Nutrition in downtown Boise has changed my life. Truly, it has.

About two years ago, our group of radio stations started an office fitness challenge at Kvell Fitness & Nutrition and I signed up because...why not!? Little did I know, someone who was maybe going to the gym once a week, would grow into someone that NEEDS to go Monday-Friday to avoid going insane.

Kvell is more than a gym--it's a community of people that want to better themselves and it shows. People that experience Brett Denton and his team at Kvell keep coming back for more. Yeah you read that right...coming back for more workouts. Crazy. I know.

The Kvell Fitness & Nutrition location downtown which offers optimized, high-intensity workouts currently holds 11 workout sessions a day, Monday-Friday with a few morning options on Saturday, as well. Being someone that makes the 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. offering myself, I've seen how full classes are beginning to be. Meaning this local business is growing--and fast!

Owner Brett Denton has announced a Meridian location will be opening, making it the second location for the gym. Currently the facility is going through a type of "soft-open" for current members but will officially be celebrating in full force on the 20th of April!

To learn more about Kvell and see what I'm raving about for yourself, click HERE.

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