I'm extremely impressed by how many people and organizations have put themselves in the forefront of stopping the abuse. April is child abuse prevention month and Stinker gas stations have been raising funds all month to help people in Idaho break the cycle.

How does money break the cycle? It doesn't. The organizations that the money is going towards do. Stinker decided to choose a different charity this year and direct their funds towards organizations in Idaho.

I was told the entire story from our friend at the Women's and Children's Alliance, Chris Davis.

It's so exciting to see that Stinker's organization decided that this year they would choose not just one, but six different established charities that they would raise money for. The Women's and Children's Alliance is one of them.

April is the beginning of child abuse prevention month and today is the last day. Stinker will continue to raise money for a few more days with a goal over $100,000 dollars and a few weeks ago they were just thousands away from nailing that goal. If you get a chance walk in and drop a dollar in, sign your name and thank yourself for contributing to helping prevent the cause that tears so many families into pieces.

The people from Stinker love our community and most recently continues to push their cause by cycle to break the cycle with us at the Village at Meridian. They don't just talk about it at Stinker - they ARE about it. Love these people and what they do every day 💙

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