Can't afford to take the family to Washington D.C. or New York to see the American landmarks we should all know about? Go to the Boise Towne Square Mall this weekend - for free and see them all in one place. In LEGO form! 


I would like to make a prediction: My child will be a LEGO Master Builder when he gets older. He's obsessed, he doesn't put together creations based on the books and the sets they give out, he creates them from his mind. They are good - like, really good. I believe in him so much that I'm willing to pick LEGO pieces out of my knee and not get mad when I step on them or find them embedded in my skin.


No, I'm not kidding. I'm sitting here with LEGO indentations in my left knee. I have four pretty deep cuts underneath them. They're from falling on a LEGO city my son Colton created after I tried to quietly and gracefully carry him to bed the other night. I failed miserably and will have scars to prove it.


I digress. I'm not mad about it, actually.


This weekend, trained engineers called "master builders" have created iconic landmarks for the LEGO Americana Roadshow features creations built perfectly to scale of the real deal  ranging from the White House to the Washington Monument to an actual-size Liberty Bell with the crack in it.



The kids will have a good time (okay, and us because LEGOs are really fun). Not only can you look but you can play. Build a car and race it, dream up a creation - whatever. Just be part of it. This is the first time the replicas have come to Boise.



UPDATE: We went and it did NOT disappoint! However, my stress level was at an all-time high because there are ropes around the displays and kids were leaning into the LEGO creations and grabbing at things and swinging on the ropes. It's definitely a hands-on experience. I sweat through the whole mall looking. Plus, there were additional unnamed displays as well as creations from stores at the mall. It was awesome!



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