Good thing: Boise, Idaho does not have a poop train. Bad thing: A poop train is a thing that actually exists.

It's a crappy situation that's raising a big stink in an Alabama town. Here's the scoop. Multiple train cars carrying human waste have parked themselves in the middle of Parrish, Alabama. The train originated from New York City, on their way to a landfill about 20 miles from Parrish. However, due to a bunch of confusing government red tape, the poop train has been in Parrish for over two months, and residents are suffering big time:

Oh my goodness, it’s just a nightmare here. It smells like rotting corpses, or carcasses. It smells like death.

Even worse? The putrid stench is now attracted a massive amount of flies to the small Alabama town.

Since the poop train parked in Parrish, NYC is temporarily putting its' waste delivery to the town on hold.

The company behind the landfill (and the poop train), Big Sky, has not responded to any news sources who've reached out thus far.

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