Almost two months have passed and posters, flowers, and messages of support still adorn the entrance to the Wylie Street Apartment complex. On June 30th, 2018, Timmy Earl Kinner attacked the complex, housing refugee families. Among the victims, 3-year-old Ruya Kadir who was celebrating her birthday with friends.

Immediately after the horrific attack, Kinner was arrested and a showing of support flooded the refugee community. There were gathering, fundraisers and signs of support all throughout the Treasure Valley.


But two months later, does Boise still care? I drove down to the apartment complex tonight to talk to some of the residents. As soon as I pulled up I noticed the signs, flowers, and pictures with messages of support, some cars even honking their horn as they passed. I was able to talk to one man who was around at the time of the stabbing. He didn't want to give his name but he did say he felt like the city of Boise hadn't forgotten what happened. He said he still see the support and love the Treasure Valley community has and it's appreciated.

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