Live for 175 is officially here! This is my second year being involved and the eleventh of the event as a whole.

As the night guy here at 103.5 KISS FM, it's my duty to "bring up the end" of the day, if you will.  We keep these bicycles moving around the clock-- 24 hours a day, for seven days (hence, the 175 in our events name).  Being here in the evenings, I see a lot of ups and downs in both emotions and foot traffic.

I think between the two nights, Saturday and Sunday, a new friend of our station, Erica--is the "real MVP" when it comes to our night riders--or as we have called them, our "night ryders".  Erica is no stranger to Live for 175 but over the past two nights, she has been full of energy, song requests, and on top of it all--she's produced some of the most power of any rider--cycling over 8 hours total already!

Shouts to Erica and we'll keep you posted on the highlights of more nighttime Live for 175 action!

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