The second day of Live For 175 began with sunny skies touching those 70-degree spots that let us know, Summer is coming ☀️

This was definitely a Sunday Funday calling attention to some brave heroes that support us each day, the medical community. Dozens of family, friends and co-workers joined us in cycling to break the cycle by powering the message, It's Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child.

I was in the portable studio looking out at the pink shirts and realized, those were our nurses. The St. Luke's team was riding for more reasons than burning calories. The medical teams from medical facilities all over are on the front lines of abuse. These men and women witness the harm we try to prevent. I was speaking about this and I saw everyone stand in silence listening and shaking their heads in agreeance.

Live For 175 - Cycle to Break The Cycle - 20
Photo by: Kekeluv

Moments before, we saw the Nampa St. Al's team from the Emergency Room. These women came prepared with their own headgear or you could call it, blinged out ears. There were students from all over that were working towards medical degrees cycling on those same bikes to help power the message.

The weather was great, support was amazing and this was just day two that is still going on as I type this. No matter how great it appears there is still a major problem that currently plagues us. There are still people in horrid situations with no real answer in sight.

Should I tell someone about my friend Keke? Her dad beats her and the cut marks are in plain sight. She has bruises and cuts school because she's embarrassed. She fears being taking away from siblings and getting split up. What do I do?

I was standing there talking to one woman who has been riding for years now facing her own worst nightmare,

Kekeluv, my daughter said she wants to kill herself. She's barely 10.

That happened with her daughter standing right next to her looking at me with the most innocent smile. What are you supposed to say? The mom is fighting back tears and you can see something hidden behind those little blues eyes of her daughter.

Live for 175 was great today but was a firm reminder that we have just begun the fight against abuse. Unfortunately, there will always be hate in the world. Let's not fake yourself out about this. I don't really see how we end this. That's not to say we won't try to everyone single person we can. I just mean we have to get smart about this. Trying to end something is a much harder task than exploiting it's weaknesses. If we ever plan to stop abuse we must chip away piece by piece at what is causing it.

Live For 175 - Cycle to Break The Cycle - 20
Photo by: Kekeluv

Let's try to arm our kids with the answers before questionable moments confront them. It's time we break the cycle before it ever has a chance to begin. That's the most logical answer I can come up with. Today taught me that ALL parents are struggling with this. We HAVE to start when they're babies. Do what you can now and learn everything there is, but we have to start at the beginning. This is a long-term solution to a potentially lethal epidemic in the near future.

Come cycle with us at the Village at Meridian anytime as we ride 24 hours a day for 175 hours. Pick up a stack of resources and arm yourself knowledge to help these kids fight back. use this moment to begin the dialogue and never think it's too late. Stop saying you'll get to it next week. Tomorrow might be too late.

Let me ask you a question, "Do you wanna take that chance?"

Today was amazing and a beautiful day to ride at the Village. Don't let that sunshine fool you like a smile on that little girl's face today. We disguise our emotions. We wear masks. No matter how pretty the costume might appear - dig deep because you never know what you might find. Keep digging.


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