Spring is a time for hanging outside with friends, enjoying the weather, and the company you are with. There is nothing better than being outside on a warm day with all of your favorite people and enjoying the sun with a drink in your hand. That’s why there’s no better place to go on a spring day than Payette Brewery.

Payette Brewery is one of the top places to go in spring with your family, friends, and your dog! They have everything from a large grassy area featuring games like corn hole to food trucks and a hot dog stand for when you get hungry. Payette Brewery also has live music and trivia days for when you’re in need of a fun activity for the day.

Payette Brewing

An Idaho staple.

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Now the brewery is featuring an all new beer in collaboration with the Idaho Mushroom Club. If you haven’t heard of this community based club, they’re a nonprofit and volunteer based organization that enjoys and studies all of the mushrooms and fungi in the Idaho area.

Shroom Boom Lager is the newest beer at Payette and is infused with lion’s mane mushrooms. While it’s going to taste amazing that’s not quite the goal of this new beer, instead, it releases nerve growth factors to induce new nerve growth. So not only is it a fun new beer you also get the medicinal benefits of the lion’s mane mushroom!

Head over to Payette Brewery on Saturday, April 20th in their tap room from 3 pm to 6 pm to try the newest beer and hang out with the Idaho Mushroom Club and Ferg’s Fabulous Fungi.

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