We had just finished our show when a call came in from Meridian this morning regarding the Coronavirus.

Tammy called us from Sunrise Cafe with an unbelievably great offer for Idahoans. The Coronavirus scare has people buying everything on shelves leaving families without necessities.

I was just out last night and looked as people run up and down the aisles looking for all those important items. We just stood to wonder because a guideline doesn't exist on deliveries. This is really a guess when the situation. I spent an hour online looking for things like toilet paper, paper towels and baby wipes with the same situation. So, what now?

The answer is gonna be with the people to help each other out. We just don't have the official diagram and that's where places like Sunrise Cafe come in. One of the happy workers at Sunrise Cafe said their boss was giving back to the community in several areas. Right now it's free toilet paper while supplies last. Tammy told me you don't have to buy or special code. Just stop by, grab some toilet paper and stay for food if you want.

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