A woman who was told her car would be towed because she had way too many parking tickets couldn't convince the tow truck driver and the meter reader to understand why she had parked there for so long. She was living in her car. That's when a man we all know of came along to save the day. 

The moment was captured by Jason Stephens and posted this on Facebook

I pulled up downtown today and saw this... a lady was having her car towed for having to many parking tickets. She was sobbing and shaking, pleading with the meter reader and tow truck driver. The woman is between homes and living in her car. As they were about to start loading up the vehicle, a man approached me and asked what was happening. I explained the situation, and immediately he asked how much she owed and if he could pay it! We walked over to the tow truck driver and the man asked for the bill and asked if he could pay. The driver said yes, the bill was paid, and the day was saved. Way to set an example and show everyone what it means to be a standup guy Ted Challenger!


Random acts of kindness are just that - random. If you do it for the right reasons, karma will come back the same way. In this case, Jason caught the moment and wanted to share the kindness with everyone. The Kiss of Kindness is so very real.

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