If you watch any local news at all, you know it's political season here in the Treasure Valley. In fact, if you've driven any stretch of road in town you're reminded it's time to vote by the numerous yard signs and billboards.

It's true, I'm kind of a politics junkie and I've made it no secret: voting is important. However, you don't need to be a junkie like me to get behind some issues or a candidate and have your voice heard.

Idaho's News Channel 7 along with Idaho Public Television have both done an amazing job this year of televising debates and making candidates, issues, and news very accessible to voters and viewers. In fact, it wasn't until I thought about it while watching the gubernatorial debate: these local debates are REALLY important. Sure I enjoy watching them and yes--there's always an awkward moment to make you laugh (or cringe) but by watching the debates I learned it's easy to THINK you know who you want to vote for...it's another to watch them and realize, is that someone I really think I can trust? It adds a whole new dimension to exploring your options as a voter.

If you're hoping to vote on Election Day next week, click HERE to watch some of the debates on your own-- I promise they can be eye opening.


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