If there's one thing you learn participating in Live for 175, it's that abuse comes in many shapes and forms. When you hear someone say " the cycle of abuse" it's usually passed down from generation to generation. Child get's abused, grows up, abuses their children or another family member and the cycle continues. Last week we focused on Child Abuse which also comes in many forms. Physical, mental abuse is commonly talked about, but another type of abuse sadly isn't. And that's human trafficking. I think sometimes we don't want to believe that could happen in our community. It's just not talked about, but thanks to a local organization the word is getting out.

Frisbee For Freedom is a local organization that raises money and awareness for human sex trafficking.

Frisbee For Freedom is an organization that started in 2013 with the mission to spread awareness about human trafficking and raise funds to help victims of sex slavery. We are currently striving to host Ultimate Frisbee Tournaments across the country which we use as avenues to accomplish our mission. In ten years we hope to have rescue and aftercare operations set up overseas, actively fighting the problem.


They just had their annual Frisbee For Freedom event in Ann Morrison Park. If you would like to find out more information about human sex trafficking or how to donate visit their website at Frisbeeforfreedom.org

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