It may look like a bunch of junk but it's actually stuff from all of the artist's backstage tents at Boise Music Festival. We're talking about sweaty towels and water bottles! 

This whole backstage adventure was exhausting and required a lot of planning. I wanted to respect the artists and not just barge in and be all "Hey, do you have anything cool in here?" Instead, I wanted to go in when the artists were away and get the stuff they didn't want anymore. Success!


Custom Proof sunglasses case. Andy Grammer took his glasses and left the case. It may be something he didn't intend to do but after a long day and while he was on a flight out of here, we happened upon the case.


How about a sweaty towel, a water bottle he had with him backstage, some gold beads he wore around to match his shirt and shoes and an orange he started to peel but then didn't finish.


This one was a touchy one. We didn't take anything that wasn't left over. Daughtry had a ton of rules. Without going into it, we were very hesitant to involve him at all. However, we did get a few things. Someone tried chips and didn't finish. There was someone vaping (we got the leftovers) and I grabbed a towel during soundcheck.


Talk about the raddest individual to happen to the backstage area. Nelly was cool with everything. He snacked a bit (so we have the fork he used). He was sweating a lot. While on stage, they threw out a towel to someone int he audience. We got another one. Also, there was a little bit of water left behind. We didn't want to just trash it.


Do you want this? We want you to have it all. Keep listening to find out how to win

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