Nelly made his way back to Boise and performed at the 2021 Western Idaho Fair Tuesday night... If you missed it, re-live a small part of the experience here!

What an awesome Treasure Valley night it was when Nelly hit the stage at the Western Idaho Fair. First off, it was exactly 75 degrees, it was gorgeous out. A bit humid, but nothing that would make anyone uncomfortable. Nelly came on stage and performed SO MANY HITS, and you kind of forget all the great songs he has had over his 22+ year career. Here's just the first few minutes of Nelly's performance (FYI, some lyrical content may not be safe for work).

The songs that got the biggest response from his awesome Idaho Crowd were:





All in all, it was a great performance by Nelly and I can't wait to see him here in Idaho again in the future, whenever that is. Though, it may be sooner than later as Nelly made a major announcement while on stage at the fair, which you can read about here!

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