Imagine washing your dishes, looking up from the sink and seeing a huge elk in your backyard.  That's exactly what's happening in Boise's North End!

North-enders have reported a female elk wandering their neighborhood for over a week.  According to KTVB, she's been spotted at Daniel R. Bodily DMD dentistry, outside the Boise Co-Op and near the Idaho State Veterans Home.  The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is tracking the elk, but tells the TV station that she's not in good shape.  They mainly want to make sure that people leave the elk alone and that its not causing trouble by running across busy road ways.

So is the elk sick or just lost?  Fish and Game believes that the elk likely came down into the valley because of the abnormal amount of snow that fell in the foothills this winter.  In such extreme circumstances wildlife like elk will make their way down from higher elevations to find food and better roaming conditions.  Most head back into the mountains once the snow melts.

Officials try to help deer fawns and elk calves by dropping feed for the animals.  They've also dropped off feed to landowners who are willing to spread food on their land.

This isn't the first time there've been reports of wildlife in unexpected places this year. A Hailey family found a full grown moose in their basement in late January.  The animal was trying to find shelter from the snow when it fell through a window well into the home.  It took tranquilizers to subdue the animal, but sheriff's department officials were able to help carry it out of the home.

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