What are those military fighter jets doing flying over Boise? Why are they so loud?

Before you go all "GET OFF MY LAWN," here's what's happening.

The planes you see in the sky are Navy F-18's being flown by the Idaho Air National Guard. Lately, the machines have been landing at Gowen Field to be serviced, and many in the Treasure Valley are not happy about the noise.

Major Chris Borders is aware of the noise, and is doing what he can to keep the volume to a minimum:

What we're trying to do now is get is basically verbiage out immediately, informing all pilots coming here of the noise abatement procedures that are required

On a personal note, I think it's amazing getting to see these plans in the sky over Boise every day. If you're really concerned about noise, tell that clown in the mid-90's Camaro with no exhaust driving down Capitol to get his beater fixed.

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