I love Lucky Peak. My family and I spend quite a bit of time up there, especially in the summer months. With more and more people moving to the treasure valley and it being one of the closest massive recreation sites with boat access it gets quite busy and is getting busier every summer as you probably have noticed.

Last Sunday a local 58 year old active Idahoan, Mark Bail was surfing at Lucky Peak. He suffered a heart attack and it took over and an hour and a half (1hr, 37 mins) for medical crews to arrive, at that point it was too late and he was gone. Had crews been closer and faster he most likely would still be with us today. I chatted with Randy a good friend of Marks who is raising awareness, funds and hosting an event to make steps to get some closer medical help to the Lucky Peak area. According to Randy the two emergency helicopters that usually help in Lucky Peak emergencies were on other calls and the closest flight help was in Ontario.

Other massive recreation lakes in the State have medical staff on site, even just a couple of trained professionals to help and stabilize until an ambulance or helicopter can arrive. With the amount of families (mine being one) that adventure play and explore Lucky Peak, there needs to be a better emergency system in place.

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