The alerts were a little...alerting...this morning.  Just after 8:45 on this Thursday morning, news outlets began reporting that a car was spotted floating in Lucky Peak reservoir.  When I saw the news, I got pretty nervous that either someone took their own life or perhaps got into an accident late at night with nobody near by to report it. Nothing good could have come from that.

All that we knew from initial reports was that a car was upside-down and floating in the water. Diving teams worked to get to the vehicle where it became apparent that nobody was trapped inside of the vehicle.  It appeared that it had been under water for some time. Sure enough once removed, it turned out that the vehicle had been stolen.

As always, we're glad to hear that nobody was injured, however the fact the car was ever stolen to begin with is a total drag. Some peoples kids, right? It was a white SUV.

You can see some photos from this mornings diving "project", if you will, below:



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