Boise has been home to some really great concerts over the past year--and there are no plans for this great lineup to fall off by any means. Everyone from Luke Combs to Ludacris, Jelly Roll to Zach Bryan have brought sold out crowds to our many amazing local concert venues. This month was no exception--as Seattle rapper and thrift shopping sensation, Macklemore, invaded downtown Boise.

Even with the show now over--the town is still buzzing about his love for the city and a local business he RAVED about on the stage.

Here's a closer look at Macklemore's time in Boise!

Macklemore Brings The Energy to Boise

Downtown was rocking on Thursday, October 12th--all because of Seattle's own!

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Did you spot Macklemore wandering around town at all before the show? 

While on stage, Macklemore made no secret about his love for the City of Trees. Being a guy from Seattle, Boise is just a quick day drive or an even quicker flight away from his home and while 'coming up' as an artist, Boise shows were regular.

Late in the show, Macklemore put on a Boise State football jersey and the crowd went wild. It was his love for Boise speech early in the show that really fired up the fans.

After talking about riding a Lime scooter around downtown Boise before the show--he reminisced on days of floating our Boise river.

"There are a lot of green football fields, but Boise has a blue one" he joked--and the crowd went wild.

Which local business can Macklemore not get enough of? That would be downtown's beloved 'Goldy's' -- a staple for breakfast lovers in Boise! Macklemore said he loves the food, the mom and pop vibes, and how historic it is here in Boise. What a shining endorsement!


Where Boise Residents Might Find Macklemore This Week

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