Now more than ever, a discussion of what is "right and wrong", what it "moral and immoral", and what "should and shouldn't be" is front and center in our nation. In Idaho--it seems this discussion is even louder.  A very "red" state, Idaho is home to a strong conservative base and a prominent Christian community. What has this meant for political discourse? In short, it's been a mess.

These days in Idaho what was once conservative is now "socialism" compared to where our local Republican party has moved. Just weeks ago, new far-right conservative leadership even had a radical former governor in to speak to the state GOP. Times are a changing.

Many of these legislators wanted to make a push to restrict "drag" in Idaho--noting the threats that it allegedly poses to faith, family, and children. While their attempts at legislation never passed, many businesses saw the verbiage as too vague--which could have threatened concert venues and more.

What is interesting is the focus on drag in Idaho.

Just last week, our colleague Kelvin Miller reported on the opening of a new Boise business: a bikini coffee stand. The drive-thru coffee joint will serve up your coffee order courtesy of someone wearing a bikini.

Let's take a look at this new local business 'Bare Beans':

Inside The New Bare Beans Bikini Coffee in Boise

We take you inside

We certainly don't see anything too scandalous about this

As the business shared with Miller, it all comes down to the First Amendment: freedom of expression.

Does that apply to drag shows? To be clear--we have no reason to believe that Bare Beans has anything against them-- but does our community?  If a drag queen served coffee from a stand, would the folks going there be "sinning"?

There seems to be a double standard in Boise.

Here's a look at what a drag coffee shop might look like..

Is Drag in Boise Really That Scandalous?

Here's a look at some drag in Boise--how does this compare to a bikini coffee stand?

Again--we don't see much scandal here. 

One could say that parents have the choice of whether to drive through a bikini coffee shop with their kids in the back or not--but something about this model just doesn't seem to be portrayed as "evil" as others.

No laws are being broken and no lives are being harmed.

We want to know your thoughts. Are religious and moral high grounds blurring the vision of first amendment rights in Idaho?  We wish Bare Beans all of the luck in the world on their business--we need more local businesses like them to thrive in our community!

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