Whenever something new comes to Treasure Valley the lines for it show the enthusiasm of the Idaho people. Take The Lego Store in Meridian, for example, the line to get in wrapped around all of The Village and the grand opening was huge!

It’s hard to think that something could top that but considering the In N Out that is coming to Meridian is opening soon we expect that there will be a huge crowd.

Everyone has waited in anticipation for the In N Out to open and after an email got sent to Boise State students it may be sooner than we think! The email went out earlier this week and highlighted that In N Out (Meridian) was looking for new hires for their grand opening coming up soon. They say it’s the perfect job for those wanting to do well in school and have a part-time job that provides plenty of opportunity.

The job posting is now up on Boise State handshake and was posted on September 25th. The application deadline is December 31st, being the very last day of 2023. When will we get the announcement that In N Out is opening? Do we think it could be open once it hits 2024?

Being that there’s still some time until the application deadline we may not hear about when the first In N Out in Idaho is going to have their grand opening for a little bit. But hopefully, by the end of the year, we’ll have just a little hint as to when one of the biggest openings in Idaho will occur.

Check out some pictures from the LEGO store grand opening a few months ago!

Inside The LEGO Store Grand Opening

See what it's like inside the store itself!

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