Eight years ago when Keke Luv told me he wanted to run 175 Miles for child abuse awareness, I thought he was crazy. So when I saw a story on KTVB about a local man who is going to run for 48 hours straight, it caught my attention.

KTVB Reports: A local man is trying to raise $1500 by running for 48 hours straight. Ben Blessing plans to use the proceeds to help two schools in Nampa each get a buddy bench.

The buddy bench is an idea designed to help elementary school kids during recess who don't have anyone to play with. The intent is by a child sitting on the bench that will signal to other kids that he/ she needs a friend. Other kids will see and play with the lonely child.

photo: Tawsha Box
photo: Tawsha Box

My hat goes off to Ben. I know first hand how hard it is both mentally and physically to run for extreme amounts of time. During Live for 175, I worked support staff for Keke and witnessed the toll that can take on your body. In 2016 I ran for 102 miles in my own child abuse awareness event and had to overcome shin splints, a sprung ankle, and pain. Lots and lots of pain. Usually, at the end of one of my 20-mile runs, I would be so overwhelmed, I would break down and cry.

As a kid who wasn't the most popular in school and struggled with harassment and bullies, I think the buddy bench is a fantastic idea. Ben is doing something great that can bring real change to elementary school students. Good Luck!

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