There is no denying that while Boise loves to think of the city as a "hidden gem" or a "secret"--the cat is out of the bag. While most will say they don't want this treasure to be discovered, one thing has always rang true of Boise residents: we LOVE a celebrity visit.

These days, they happen quite often--this week was no exception. Just yesterday, Mark Wahlberg was spotted in Boise. We first reported a few vague sightings. Then, by the evening, we had connected many more dots.

Let's dive a little deeper into Mark Wahlberg's time in Boise: 

Inside Mark Wahlberg's Trip to Boise

Here's what we know, what we don't know, and what we can only assume...

Were you able to spot him around town? 

Check out Wahlberg's video recap of visiting Boise, HERE.

We would have loved the chance to meet Mark ourselves--but we gathered a few things about the visit. First, his last post on Instagram was him leaving town on his jet and saying he was about to handle some business. Of course that jet clearly landed in Boise.

In that last post, he tagged two of his businesses: Flecha Azul Tequila and Municipal, a sportswear brand. One has to assume that this business trip was about one or both of these brands--it just so happens that the business trip was in Boise!

We would love to see a Wahlburger location here--but that seems like a stretch.

After what has felt like a million attempts to see the tail number on the jet so that we can track it, it is simply too blurry. For all we know, Wahlberg is still in town. Keep your eyes peeled for one of Hollywood's finest this week around town!



Check out Wahlberg's video recap of visiting Boise, HERE.


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