As you probably know, Idaho’s Largest Garage Sale was this past Saturday at Expo Idaho in Garden City. Since I just moved here, I am reminded every morning when I wake up that I probably shouldn’t have gotten rid of as much furniture as I did when I moved here from Spokane, Washington just two weeks ago.

If you missed out on Idaho’s Largest Garage Sale—you REALLY missed out—not to rub it in or anything. The weather was a little hot and cold (literally…what’s up with this Boise weather lately!?) but some of the finds couldn’t be beat! From creepy dolls to electronics, home furnishings, Beanie Babies and more—there was something for everyone! Not to mention the sweet KISS tattoo I got!

This said, I went out to Idaho’s Largest Garage Sale hoping to find some TREASURES for my new place. Lucky for me…I did! BUT, it needs a name… Any suggestions!? I HAVE to build my new living room around this charming mallard!