Idaho's Largest Garage Sale is back and bigger than ever. I know that is cliché but it's true considering the record number of vendors for this year's event. The slots are still being booked but there are currently over 800 vendors signed up.

This is the day you wanna shop for anything and everything. You need a treadmill ✅Looking for a sauna ✅Need those little motorized cars for your kids but not willing to shell out over $300? ✅I almost bought one last year for $50. Idaho's Largest Garage is exactly what it's called - The largest garage sale you'll ever visit.

This year you can find anything from scooters, curtains, game systems, furniture, jewelry to an up close and personal meeting with Storage Wars star Dave Hester.

It's your choice. You can get up early and drive from block to block, spend a ton of money on gas as it nears close to $4 dollars a gallon or you can meet us at Expo Idaho this Saturday. Thousands will line up before doors open at 7 A.M. to get in early for those stellar deals. You can early drive around the city and go to one place with over 800 individual sales are going on. I'm telling YOU! At the minimum start your shopping at ILGS and then drive around the city looking for that lamp or table you can DIY.

Download the new Kiss app for additional information and additions to the big day. You will also wanna get this app for big prizes like Boise Music Festival, New Kids on the Block Mixtape Tour, MGK and Garth Brooks.

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