Finally, my dreams have come true. The Girl Scouts have called me and asked me to join!

Ok, maybe not officially--but I WILL be joining them in a pretty awesome effort on Saturday, June 6th, that you're going to want to stop by!

As most know, the Girl Scouts work hard year-long to develop life skills that will pay dividends as they grow into young women. A major staple in the year for girl scouts is cookie season-which by the way, is a staple in the lives of households, girl scout or not! These cookies are a seasonal favorite every single year and I can't think of the last time we weren't stocking up here at the radio station!

Much like it did everything, COVID-19 impacted the cookie season and meant that many girl scouts fell short in their cookie selling goals. Funds raised from these cookies make a LOT of things possible. So, with Idaho beginning to re-open, my good friends over at the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage have decided we're getting creative.

Saturday, June 6th, from 10am until 4pm, hit our girl scout cookie drive-thru to get your cookie fix and help support our local girl scouts! 

CDC guidelines will be followed and only card payment will be accepted to minimize touch points.

For more information, click HERE.

To RSVP and invite friends, click HERE.


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