As the resident Mexican here at 103.5 KISS FM, I feel it is my duty to outline some of the best margarita's in our entire city.

That said--my love for tequila is beyond words. It's a real problem (or maybe it isn't) that every time I'm at one of my regular bars downtown over the weekends, the bartenders don't even ask before pouring a shot of tequila. Yikes.

SO--I do have some favorite "margs" in town and I've got them listed for you below.

If your a fan of a killer margarita and it's not on my better fill me in!

  • 1

    El Gallo Giro

    6th & Main

    A Jalapeno margarita? Okay, this is the real deal. I just tried it today (in honor of National Margarita Day) and it's a game changer! Ask

  • 2

    Cafe Ole

    Milwaukee Ave

    For a tropical twist, try the coconut margarita. Makes you wish there wasn't any snow on the ground!

  • 3


    Downtown Boise or The Village

    Matador has some great tequilas that make even greater margaritas. I like the pomegranate one--but the options are endless!

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