Ever since I was a kid, I distinctly remember Kekeluv and this "Live For 175" event that is quickly approaching, and launching on Saturday afternoon.   I remember watching the evening news with my parents growing up and seeing Keke run marathons, stay awake, and more--all to raise awareness for child abuse.

Being from the Treasure Valley, I'm sure that I can speak for most people my age--that "Kekeluv guy" was pretty cool.   Fast forward 10 years and he's my boss.  Between then and now, I found a passion for the radio industry and am a part of this event at a level I never imagined I would have been.

This year, we celebrate 10 years of Live for 175 and I hope you'll come out and join us. It was during this event last year that I returned to Boise for a visit and decided that 103.5 KISS FM would be my next stop in my radio career.  It's a moving event that brings a community together like I've never seen--working to speak for those that may not have a voice and to encourage an END to the cycle of abuse.  Bring your family out, your kids out, make this a window of opportunity to talk about this issue with your kids which otherwise may never come up in your household.

I look forward to seeing so many of you this year and know we're going to have a BLAST!

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