The summer is HERE...well, it's been here. But holy HEAT with this week. We are seeing potentially record breaking highs and there simply isn't a whole lot to do out there.

Here's my take on "getting out there" this weekend and yes-- ALL of them involve cooling down and keeping socially distant.

  • 1

    Roaring Springs

    Take a splash into one of the best water parks in the nation, our very own Roaring Springs! We will be giving away tickets on our Instagram, too, so jump onto @KissBoise to enter yourself and some friends!

  • 2

    Float The Boise

    Jump into the Boise River..and float! The water is cold and the sun is ready to get you a nice tan. Don't forget that if you bring your own tube you'll need your own pump!

  • 3

    Movie Time

    When I was a kid, the parents hated running the AC for long periods of time so it was always time for the movie theatre. Use their AC for a few hours and catch a movie.

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