It has been a weird, wacky, and busy week around town and the office this week! Maybe you can relate to this. We have Thanksgiving coming up, lots of travel or plans for most families, and the looming Christmas shopping spree floating above us, too. In our 103.5 KISS FM offices, our workspace is getting a complete overhaul--I mean, COMPLETE. Earlier in the week, we had a crew cutting through concrete in the middle of our floor! With all of the madness that comes with this time of year in the air and a little extra work excitement (in my case, construction), it seems like EVERYONE is a little antsy.

No matter how calm OR how hectic your week may have been, there's a lot popping off in Boise this weekend and I've got a list of "must do's" for you!

  • 1

    Pray For Snow

    My favorite event of the winter: Pray For Snow Ale Fest. Come get into some debauchery with us downtown Boise on 6th & Grove starting at Noon on Saturday. Over 40 breweries will be on hand!

  • 2

    Boise State vs. Utah State

    It may not be a home game but these Broncos need all of the support and good vibes they can get. I recommend checking the game out at Naked Fins on Broadway or Taphouse on Main Street!

  • 3

    Boise Holiday Parade

    I'm no Christmas fanatic but the Holiday Parade is always a fun one for the kids and family. This is Saturday morning in downtown Boise!

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