If you're thinking, "No Michelle...he won the Oscar for Best Actor for Dallas Buyers Club," you're right but that's not what I'm talking about!  I found the Oscars to be rather dry and boring, but Matthew McConaughey's acceptance speech was the shining, bright light of the night!

I was pulling for Leo DiCaprio to finally win the award (I LOVED The Wolf of Wall Street)  and was hoping we wouldn't wake up to bunch of "Sad Leo" memes this morning...but Matthew's speech was really, really good. In addition to thanking his fellow nominees, his family and God, Matthew gave an interesting perspective on the theme of this year's Academy Awards, "heroes."  His answer to the question "Who's your hero?" someone asked him when he was fifteen was brilliant and says a lot about setting goals for the future.  Check our his response and the rest of his acceptance speech below!

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