It rained nearly all day today in Boise. With the cooler temperatures happening outside, my wife decided to turn on the heater after I left for work. I was driving down State Street when I got a call from my wife. I went right to my pants pocket to check for my wallet- usually when she calls shortly after I've left means I forgot something. My wallet was in my pocket. I picked up the phone. "Hello?" On the other end of the line, my wife was frantically telling me the fire alarm was going off. "Should I call the front desk or the fire department?" She asked. Suddenly, the alarm stopped chiming as she was mid-sentence. "Wait... it's stopped?" She said. "What were you doing before the alarm started?" I asked. It was then that she connected the dots. Because she had turned on the heater for the first time since last winter, our overly sensitive alarms confused it somehow with a fire. "Okay, that was weird." She said. "But now I have to call the front desk before there are firemen banging on our front door." Thankfully, she was able to alert the proper people in enough time before anyone came to our non-emergency. Apparently, this is a "thing" in apartments from time to time when the seasons change. A warning would have been nice, but at least we know now all our fire alarms are up and running to full capacity.

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