It's almost like a cool buzzword these days: meal prep.

I'm a 24-year-old single guy that works an average of 12-14 hours a day. I just don't have TIME to meal prep and I'm not good at cooking. That presents a problem: there's a whole lot of opportunity to eat unhealthy, processed, fast or boxed and preserved food. That's the stuff that makes you feel GROSS after you eat it. I'm just not about that life since I discovered companies that deliver meal prep right here in Boise.

Since starting to use meal prep services (I personally use Feed My Fit), it's become SO easy to eat right. How can you not, when it's delivered right to your front door? I don't eat bad foods (for the most part...believe me, I sneak in some cheat meals) because I've always got something fresh stashed away in my fridge at home or at work-- something healthy for me.

Maybe you've got more time than me-- meal prepping from home could be more your style. Love to cook? Want to save some cash? You can definitely accomplish these things by meal prepping at home and diving into the depth of Pinterest for recipes.

I pay about $7-$8 a meal when it comes to delivered meal prep and yes-- prepping for myself COULD be cheaper. But with my lifestyle, I was spending WAY more money going out for lunch nearly seven days a week, every week.

Meal prepping is an art and if you're searching for a start to healthy eating habits-- healthy meals and portion control are crucial. Look at your finances, time, and schedule and see what works best for you!

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