Reddit is a social platform where a vast amount of information can be found. Because of this, it is hilariously known as the perfect place for nerds because there is information on basically every field of knowledge available for those who wish to learn. 

There’s something for everyone. 


It is also a wonderful place for users to post questions, which oftentimes leads to interesting and unique conversations because of the multi-level commenting and responses that are given. 

One example of this can be found by the recent question posed by a user, when they asked:

“What compliments as a man do you feel you do not get enough of or would you want to hear from a girl you are newly dating?”


The responses were not only shocking, but extremely disheartening.


Basically, what we learned is that men aren’t receiving compliments – from strangers, from lovers, from friends, from family members or from spouses. 

Perhaps this is because it’s socially ingrained that men are to provide instead of also needing to be taken care of? But this thread has been extremely eye-opening.

Apparently kindness and basic human decency is lacking these days. 


As a whole, we need to treat our men better. They are people who need love, acceptance and appreciation the same as anyone else.

Whether it’s your friend, brother, father, son, nephew, husband, lover or a stranger on the street – compliment them today. As we learned from this viral thread, that small act of kindness will probably stick with them for many years to come.

We need to make this sort of action second nature instead of an anomaly that needs to be praised. 

Especially today – it’s freaking Valentine’s Day, for goodness’ sake!

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