Idaho has done it yet again and this time, we have a local Treasure Valley freshman to thank! We're talking about making "the spotlight" and it's one thing that Idahoans can never get enough of--the entire country seeing how special this place that we call home is--and how special the people are here, too.

One particularly talented student in the Treasure Valley has won big--with a pretty big company: Google. We think that's a pretty big deal.

If you've grown up in area schools over the last decade or longer, you might be familiar with 'Doodle for Google', an art competition that hundreds of thousands of students across the nation enter each year--competing to have their artwork featured on the infamous Google homepage.

The competition is open to students grades K-12 and while we know that plenty of amazing art was submitted from Idaho students--one Idaho student has had their art advance as the Idaho State Winner for 2023!

The student is a Freshman at Bishop Kelly High School in Boise--Seoyoon Song--and was selected among tens of thousands of submissions in the 8th-9th grade category.

Along with the submission is a quote from Seoyoon:

I am grateful for healthcare workers, because after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, my family and I were all heartbroken that we couldn't do anything to help her. The doctors and nurses that helped her through treatment healed: not only my mom, but our whole family as well.

We love the message--AND THE ART!

Check out the winning submission below:


Now, Seoyoon Song needs your votes! CLICK HERE to help this design advance! 

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